Health & Safety Audit/ Inspections

Safety auditing is a valuable management technique that is highly recommended by the Health and Safety Executive. Arusafe recommends that audits are undertaken annually to assist companies to focus resources in the areas of most need.  We measure your status against legal compliance and your own internal standards.



The audit shows exactly how you measure up to legal requirements, and whether your performance is up to standard.  It also acts as a benchmark from which you can form a health and safety plan.  We go on to examine your management systems and procedures for securing health, safety and welfare, and this is supported by a tour of inspection which identifies areas where new policies are needed and where existing procedures are not working effectively in practice.


Finally we'll produce a comprehensive report on our findings and prepare recommendations accompanied by timescales and priorities.

Workplace inspections

Workplace inspections are one of the primary methods of identifying and eliminating actual and potential hazards. These hazards can include problems with equipment, the workplace environment, the building, as well as with work practices. There are many different kinds of workplace inspections including daily "walkabout" inspections when you enter your office, "pre-use" inspections of equipment you are going to run, and "spot-checks" by your work supervisor. 

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