Fire Warden / Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Warden Training

Fire warden training forms a very important part of the recommended fire safety strategy in the workplace, and in fact, it is a legal requirement under the Fire (Scotland) Act 2005 that all staff member in a business environment receive at least some form of basic fire safety training.

What is a fire warden?

A fire warden is a member of staff who has the responsibility to fulfil a certain role within the workplace, both to help prevent the likely hood of fire starting, and to ensure the safety of others should the worst happen.  Normally you would have several people trained as fire wardens (or Fire Marshalls) within your organisation, with the ratio normally being 1 fire marshal to every 10 members of staff.

What is a fire warden’s role in the event of a fire?

In the event of a fire a fire warden’s role would be to help ensure that everyone who is in their designated area is able to leave safely, along with aiding anyone who may

need help. They would also try to ensure that any fire doors and windows are shut, and that any sources of fuel (such as gas), has been isolated. During the evacuation they would also help to take a register of all staff members, and would also communicate any concerns that they may have to the Fire and Rescue Service, along with any other important information.

What is Fire Warden/Marshal training?

Fire warden training normally involves a classroom based theory session of approximately 1.5 hours and also involves a practical session.

The practical fire training session is where the fun begins, with students normally allowed to try out a few different types of fire extinguishers.

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